Style And Sexually Attracting Women

This isn’t going to be one of those “dress like this to get girls” articles. This is my personal insight, through experience, of the role of style in sexually attracting women with some practical advice sprinkled in. Does Your Style Matter In Sexually Attracting Women...

Putting Money Where it Counts: Your Shoes, Accessories and Outerwear

When it comes to your wardrobe there are three things you shouldn’t cheap out on: Shoes Accessories Outerwear Why? Because you typically get what you pay for, they’re the first things people notice on you, and they last a lot longer than other pieces. I’m not saying...

Almost Everything You Need To Know About Dressing For Extremely Cold Weather

So this article mostly applies to people who live in places that get rougher winters. When I'm talking about a rough winter, I'm talking about place where it's not too unusual to see single degree Fahrenheit temperatures or negative degree Celsius temperatures during...

How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

It's pretty important to take care of your clothes. The biggest reason being saving money in the long term but another reason is presentation. If you take care of your clothes they're going to remain looking great over time. If you've ever gone to the Salvation Army...

The Fake Double Standard

Women are afforded a ton of options to temporarily boost their appearance. They have high heels. They have make up.They have things like push up bras. Us men do have options to temporarily boost our appearance, but we're usually shamed away from using them and...

Hi, my name is Juan Sloan.

I started damn. fire to improve the lives of men by improving their style and grooming.

Dressing well can change your life. The only problem is learning how to dress well can be a pretty daunting task.

It takes several years to develop an eye for style, and if you’re anything like me, it might even take several thousands of dollars in mistakes as well.

There are plenty of sites and blogs to help you dress better. The problem is wading through all of the misinformation that will just waste your time and money.

Why waste your time and money sifting through garbage when you’ve got me to help you?

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