My Top 10 Fragrances (In No Particular Order)

In this article I want to talk about some fragrances that I think you should try and that I also use personally. There's a quite a few videos on YouTube that have titles like "Top 10 Fragrances for Compliments" and "Top 10 Fragrances to Smell Sexy." Videos like those...

What You Need To Know About…. Belts?

Short article today and of all things, it's going to be on belts. Why belts? Because I feel like, of all things, belts aren't really talked about by styled influencers and there's quite a bit to know about them that I had to find out from personal experience. Belts...

Musings: Trends vs Menswear

This will be less of an article filled with actionable advice and more of my thoughts and musings. If you have more than a passing interest in style this should still be interesting though. I'll be discussing quite a few things. The biggest thing being how the...

The 4 Biggest Ways You’ll Waste Money On Style

I find that you can pretty much categorize the biggest ways money is wasted on style in 4 ways. These categories being (in no particular order): 1. Not Taking Care Of Clothing2. Blindbuying Items3. Not Buying Items That You Actually Want4. Buying Things When You Have...

Finding A Fragrance

This is an incidental (or rather, accidental) podcast explaining how I found my summer dumb reach fragrance. Give it a listen for some takeaways on finding fragrances.

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