Why You Should NEVER Use A Clothing Box Service

If you actually care about your style you should never ever EVER EVER use a clothing box service. If you just want to look presentable and you don't mind getting a bunch of stuff in the mail you probably don't even want every month then go ahead and waste your money....
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The Most Effective Things You Can Do to Improve Your Bedroom

This guide is going to be primarily focused on the most effective things you can do to improve your bedroom. There are a lot of reasons you might want to improve your bedroom. The biggest one is stress and anxiety. If your room is a mess and you follow these tips you...
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The Superdry Challenge

On Friday, May 10th of 2019 user DuckRebellion made the following post on Reddit: I need to somehow find a full SuperDry Outfit that looks nice due to my mistake of making a bet. I need your help! I live in London and acknowledge that a lot of SuperDry clothes...
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16 Essential Items for Any Male Who Actually Cares About How Attractive He Is

Sorry for the lack of recent content. I've been super busy these past few months. In order to make up for it I'm presenting an article I should've gotten to a long time ago. Most of these are, in my opinion, non-negotiable but depending on your own personal specific...
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Free Look #11

Components: Alpha Industries Deluge Ripstop Fishtail $300.00 H&M 5-pack Bracelets $5.99 H&M Polarized Sunglasses $17.99 H&M Cargo Joggers $34.99 J.Crew X Nike® Killshot 2 Sneakers $90.00 Casualness: Casual Fit: Normal Sex Appeal: 2/3 Price: $$ Focal Brand: N/A This...
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Hi, my name is Juan Sloan.

I started damn. fire to improve the lives of men by improving their style and grooming.

Dressing well can change your life. The only problem is learning how to dress well can be a pretty daunting task.

It takes several years to develop an eye for style, and if you’re anything like me, it might even take several thousands of dollars in mistakes as well.

There are plenty of sites and blogs to help you dress better. The problem is wading through all of the misinformation that will just waste your time and money.

Why waste your time and money sifting through garbage when you’ve got me to help you?

You can find out more about me and my site damn. fire here.

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