Casualness: Workout Clothing
Fit: Slim
Sex Appeal: 2/3
Price: $$
Focal Brand: Nike

I’m not saying you need to dress like a yuppie every time you go to gym but it doesn’t hurt to bring your A game every so often. I fell in love with the Fitbit Blaze the first time I ever saw someone wear one. I still remember the day, I was working the register at Hungry Howies and I saw it on a fit woman’s wrist and I had to ask about it. I know what you’re thinking, “A woman’s wrist?” But RELAX it’s unisex. Active noise cancelling headphones are a must so you can blast your Taylor Swift Cannibal Corspe while you push yourself to break your 1RM on the deadlift without having to be disturbed by outside noise.

Thank you for reading!