Casualness: Nightlife Casual
Fit: Slim
Sex Appeal: 3/3
Price: $$
Focal Brand: Zara

There’s a very thin line between between having great style and being a fashion victim. This look is very carefully treading that line. This isn’t an outfit I’d wear running errands but if you’re living it up at night and it’s your style it’ll work wonders. The Adidas Dimension Lows add a pop of that oh-so-hot-right-now 90s style to the look while the blazer, t-shirt and silver curved cuff bracelet keep it modern. You can tone down the look a little by replacing the t-shirt with a grey one. Don’t even think about replacing the jacket though, the whole look is based around it. Notice how the diagonal print on the t-shirt compliments the diagonal print on the jacket’s lapel?

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