Casualness: Candle Light Casual
Fit: Skinny
Sex Appeal: 3/3
Price: $$
Focal Brand: H&M
Note: Size up on the blazer.

The look breaks all the rules in the right way. A less daring man might want to consider matching his shoes and his belt but where’s the fun in safety? There’s also a little magic with this look involving the belt, sprezzatura, and focal points to draw the eye… somewhere. The motif on the loafers and the velvet blazer provide just the right amount of distastefulness. The velvet blazer alone not only invites looks, but it also invites touch. The lapel pin and signet ring come off dangerous instead of edgy. This is not an everyman’s outfit. You will be looked at. You will turn heads. You will be judged. In a sea of daffodils you will be the sole rose, thorns and all.

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