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Become The Sexiest Version Of Yourself Fast And EASILY

When you get ready to leave your house how do you feel about what you see in the mirror?

Do you like what you see?

Do you feel pride?

Let me ask you another question.

Let’s say you have an important dinner or event. Do you have any outfits that you KNOW you look great in? Maybe you’ve even been in similar situations before and found yourself paralyzed trying to pick an outfit out?

Chances are you have. Chances are that out of every single question I just asked you that’s the only one you answered “yes” to.

I know that you care about your appearance. Even so, you probably think that people are just born attractive.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I don’t blame you for thinking this. If you told me when I was a teenager that one day I’d be a “hot” or “sexy” guy I would’ve looked at you like you were crazy.

The truth is being attractive is a skill. If deep down you didn’t know that you wouldn’t even try.

Sure some people are blessed. My question is so what?

I’ll never be half the tennis player Roger Federer is but I guarantee I’ll beat ALMOST ANY weekend warrior in straight sets. You may never be the sexiest man on the planet but with the right guidance, you can be more attractive than 97.5% of men, easily.

I don’t care if you’re short, overweight, bald, or whatever.

You, yes YOU, are capable of being more attractive than 97.5% of men.

Let this sink in. If I was 5’2, bald, and had a beer belly I would still look better than you because of my styling skills.

How long are you prepared to let your appearance hold back your life?

How many more opportunities are you prepared to let yourself lose?

Are you really okay with taking the risk that your appearance might screw you out of a job, client, or woman?

If you have a wife or girlfriend are you okay with her being with the suboptimal version of you? Don’t you think she’d like to be with the sexiest version of you?

In a study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology men’s testosterone dropped by 20% when they changed out of a high status outfit into a lower status outfit.

Bad style literally makes you less of a man.

Are you okay with being less of a man?

…I sure hope not.

So you’re probably thinking:

“Well duh, of course I want to be the sexiest version of myself, but how?”

I’m going to go over a few options and then I’ll reveal the very best option at the end.

1. You Could Watch Men’s Style YouTubers

The only problem is they make most of their money by promoting products. Usually these products are at best useless and at worst counterproductive.

They are incentivized to give up integrity in the name of $$$.

They are also incentivized to pump out as many videos as possible. This means you get a bunch of filler garbage instead of the real actionable meat and potatoes.

2. You Could Read And Ask For Advice On Style Forums

The fun part about this is separating the good advice from the bad advice that people who have no idea what they’re doing give.

3. You Could Use A Clothing Box Service

This is the absolute worst option.

Clothing box service “stylists” can’t help you with anything but your clothes and even then they can only barely help you with that.

Your wardrobe should be a cohesive unit. Almost all of your garments should work with each other so you don’t have to think too hard, if at all, about picking out what to wear while still looking great. With a clothing box service you get a bunch of clothes that may or may not (most likely not) match with each other every month. Do you want the closet equivalent of a junk mail folder? I know I don’t.

Not only that but if your proportions are unique in any fashion (if you’re shorter, taller, bigger, or skinnier than the average man) the clothes you get aren’t going to be flattering to your body

The Best Option:
Having A Professional Help You One-On-One

There’s a reason celebrities hire personal stylists.

Personal stylists can address your unique needs and circumstances. When your clothes flatter your body AND match your personality you become a whole different animal.

Another advantage is fast results. Instead of spending years learning the ins and outs of style you can transform yourself and look amazing in days.

Speaking of spending: if you go about improving your style alone you’re going to be spending THOUSANDS.

No one told me this. If I knew it would’ve taken me more than 20k dollars and a decade experimenting with clothes, brands, and making mistakes I would’ve just hired a personal stylist myself all of those years ago when I first started to really care about my appearance.

Finding the right personal stylist isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but thankfully I’m right here for you.

Juan Sloan

Personal Stylist and Owner, damn. fire

And If you’re curious, this is how I use to look before I cared about my style:

The Difference Between Me And Other Personal Stylists

First of all, I specialize in men’s personal styling. A good amount of personal stylists are women who style men and women.

I’ve had clients ask me about underwear and manscaping. Do you think a female stylist could adequately help you in that department?

Next, and possibly most importantly, is my technical expertise.

I know fabrics, patterns and sartorial history like the back of my hand.

In person I can tell more about a person’s clothes at first glance than the average fashion nerd could by looking at the tag.

I’ve been obsessed with fashion for over 11 years and I’ve been helping people with their style for 7 of those years.

I am also remarkably skilled at getting my clients the best value of their budget.

Most personal stylists are also only used to styling people in person. Since the start of the pandemic they’ve been haphazardly trying to move to virtual styling when they have no experience in that department, whatsoever.

I started off as a virtual stylist. The first service I ever offered was my Virtual Makeover Service, which has now been revamped into my Grand Virtual Makeover Service.

My Grand Virtual Makeover Service

Made to get you as attractive as possible with as little fuss as possible:

  • I pick you out an entire wardrobe built for you and only you. The only thing you have to do is tell me if you like what I pick out or not. You’ll have a wardrobe full of quality clothing that fit your body perfectly and, most importantly, make you look as good as possible.

    Note: You have to pay for the clothing yourself. I only pick the clothing out for you.

  • You can ask me any style questions whatsoever for 60 days so that you’ll never feel lost with your wardrobe or anything at all style-wise

  • You’ll also receive a PDF containing the best outfit combinations from your new wardrobe categorized by occasion so you never have to worry about spending time picking out an outfit

  • I’ll put together your best skincare routine so that your face can be attractive as possible

  • I’ll also pick the best style, shampoo, conditioner, and products for your hair so that your hair is as close as perfect as possible 
  • You’ll also receive my Grooming/Style Checklist so that you never leave the house without looking your best

My Grand Virtual Service is available to you for $497

Too pricey for you? Then click HERE to check out The Wardrobe Manual Course

I’m so confident that you’ll be happy with your results that I will refund 100% of your money immediately, no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

Watch The Video Below To See What It’s Like To Be Styled Be Me:

Here’s What My Clients Have To Say:

Damn. Fire. I’ll start off by saying I originally took interest in trying to dress better last year. I did some experimenting on my own and would say I dressed decently overall. The problem is I ended up with a huge wardrobe of items that only worked well with specific pieces and I had a ton of stuff that I just did not wear at all. I also found myself rushing out to buy clothes whenever a special occasion came up simply because my wardrobe was not very diverse.

I came across damn fire last year but was a bit hesitant on spending the money. After realizing I wasn’t satisfied with my current wardrobe and deciding it was time for an upgrade; I reached out to Juan. We built a wardrobe from scratch that is extremely versatile and has something for just about every occasion. Juan is very knowledgeable with brands and treats your budget as if it were his own. He will get you the best value for your money without sacrificing quality. It is 100% worth the money and I recommend that if you have the slightest interest in bettering your style, you reach out to Juan. Invest in yourself. It’s worth it.

Javier P.

First of all I just wanna say is WOOWWW! Juan’s advice and pointers were so on point the wardrobes that he has picked out for me are phenomenal!! Second of all I just wanna thank him for the glo-up soooo much and to everyone out there looking for some one to dress you to your perfection I’d recommend DAMN. FIRE to everyone!!! Much love thank you again Juan!! -BS

Brendan S.

I can’t thank Juan enough for what he has done for me. Little backstory about myself: I’m a 25 year old, father of two, and I dressed like I was still in high school. He showed me the importance of proper fitting clothes, how to pair certain outfits together, how to layer, and tons of other stuff. He made sure that the clothes he was showing me were in my budget, but still the best quality at the given price point. I remember being very overwhelmed with sizing, quality, what company to buy from, and Juan took care of all that for me. I went from dressing like a high schooler, to dressing my age, and feeling a lot more confident about myself. Anytime I had a question, he was very quick on responding, and giving me super professional advice.

Chanse J.

Chanse's Before and After Picture

Juan’s program is a tremendous launchpad for those who seek guidance for a new wardrobe. Believe me when I say that he will wait until you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the exchange before ending the service. Following completion of the service, I’m glad to say that not only did I come out with an expanded and fresh wardrobe, but I learned a ton about general style and acquired several of my own go-to brands in the process. In my final opinion, this service is completely worth the cost and will be tremendously helpful to those in search of a new style, identity, or both.

Dylan B.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a good candidate?

If you’re a man who wants to be as attractive as possible you’re a good candidate. I know how to style all sizes and complexions.

Do you accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

Yes. I accept Bitcoin and Etherium. If you want to pay with cryptocurrency send me an email at juansloan@damnfire.com with Grand Virtual Makeover in the subject line and I’ll give you the wallet information.

What if I need new clothes after we’re done?

I explain the reasoning behind my suggestions so that you learn what works for you. By the time we’re done talking you should be more than competent at dressing yourself. You also get 60 days to ask me any style related questions whatsoever.

How much money will I need to budget for clothes?

You’ll want to be able to budget at least $1500 for clothes. I recommend a budget of $2000 for best results. You don’t need to have your full budget on hand since you will be linked to the clothes I pick out for you. If you don’t have your full budget on hand I will let you know which pieces are high priority buys.

How will I look after?

In one word, stylish. How you’ll look exactly depends completely on your personality and lifestyle. It is very important to me that you get a look that’s fine tuned for you and only you.

Do you style people internationally?

As long as you speak English.

What if I’m not satisfied with my results?

As long as it’s within 30 days of purchase I will immediately refund your money no questions asked. I cannot refund you money that you’ve spent on clothing but all of the brands I use to recommend clothing have excellent return policies.


Still Not Sure?

I offer anybody genuinely considering my services a courtesy style consultation. This 30 minute call will do more for your style than you’ve done for yourself all year.


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