This actually started as a spreadsheet I use for myself. I decided to repurpose it. I first made it because I would sometimes forget to do simple things like put on deodorant. A lot of people might find a tool like this ridiculous and unnecessary but it’s saved my ass quite a few times. I go down this checklist any time I plan to leave the house at all. If I have plans to be “out and about”, doing “nightlife/dating” stuff or speaking to a client I go through the light blue cells the day before as well.

Unfortunately since I made this spreadsheet with Google Sheets I cannot share a version with functional checkboxes. I have however included a link to the .csv file to use if you don’t mind manually fixing the cell widths and changing “=FALSE()” to “=TRUE()”.

Download .csv: damn. fire Grooming_Style Checklist

You can also right and save the image below, open it in paint and use the fill tool to check it off.

You can ALSO print this image, get it laminated and use Vis-A-Vis markers to check it off.

Download .pdf: damn. fire Grooming_Style Checklist

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