The links contained in this article are all Amazon affiliate links which means I get paid a commission if you click them and purchase something. That being said, the video should make it abundantly clearly I actually use ALL of these products.

In this article I’m basically going to show you pretty much all of the hygiene + grooming products that I use.

Sensodyne Toothpaste

If you get canker sores this is a really nice. I’ve tried a few other brands (including Opalescence) but they all eventually give me canker sores because of sodium lauryl sulfate. While it is a “whitening” toothpaste I don’t really notice any sort of whitening. I more so use it because of how gentle it is while still being effective at cleaning.


CeraVe Foaming Cleanser

I just switched from the regular CeraVe hydrating cleanser (green label) to this one. Skin care is super important and you should AT LEAST clean with your face (not with soap because it’ll mess with your skin’s Ph balance and may be too harsh for it), moisturize it and use SPF. I find this to clean a little better than the regular hydrating cleanser.


CeraVe Ultra Light Moisturizer Lotion + SPF

Another recent switch from me. I used to use the normal AM moisturizer lotion with SPF but I found it would break me out (I don’t break out uncompletely but I get two or three pimples.) Neither leave a white cast on skin when fully applied but I find this goes on a lot easier and, most importantly, doesn’t break me out.


Dentek Floss Picks

I use these instead of actual floss. I thought about getting a water floss but this works well enough for me.



I literally just use some Oragel toothbrush I got from the dentist’s office. The electric ones are alright but truthfully I don’t notice a difference in cleanliness.


Luelli Teeth Whitening System + LED

This is great if you need to whiten your teeth. Very effective and easy on the gums. I’m not quite sure if the LED actually helps with whitening but I figured since it’s only a few dollars more I’d get the kit with the LED.

The instructions say to put the gel on the mouth guard and apply it that way but I get much better results (and find it easier to avoid getting it on my gums) by putting it directly on my teeth by using a Q-Tip/cotton swab.

This is way better than any pretty much anything you can buy in your typical pharmacy, including the expensive whitening strips (I’ve tried them.) The only thing more effective would be a whitening system with a higher carbamide peroxide percentage gel (this one is 35% but some go as high as 44$) or Zoom whitening at a dentist’s office.



As long as it isn’t too fragrant it doesn’t really matter what you use unless you have sensitive skin. In the video companion for this article I use Secret but I’ve since upgrading to Dove for sensitive skin.



I’m not sure if this actually helps with oral hygiene but I find it helps my breath somewhat (though since getting my teeth professionally cleaned I don’t really have too many breath issues) and makes my mouth feelĀ cleaner (again not sure if it actually helps with oral hygiene but it does make my mouth feel cleaner.) I just use generic instead of Listerine.

I also floss after every meal and try to brush my teeth twice a day (I brush my teeth every morning but sometimes I’m so busy into the evening the second brushing session slips through the cracks.)


Evagloss Bumps Solution

This helps prevent razor bumps… a little. I get them often enough where every little bit matters though. This is a must have for me but I find that my razor, blades and shave routine matters waaaaaaaaay more. However If you don’t get razor bumps you probably don’t need this.


WEISHI Safety Razor

I use this cheapo from Amazon. Not very aggressive and easy to learn with. Mind you I use a safety razor because it prevents me from getting razor bumps. I have no interest, whatsoever, in the whole wet shaving hobby. Do not use this to shave your genitals. If you shave your genitals use a cartridge razor.


Cremo Shave Cream

This is the shaving cream I use with my safety razor. Like I said, I have no interest in the whole wet shaving hobby so I use this tubed goop instead of spending a ton of time using shaving soap and a lather.

I find this works a little better than Barbasol (which I find works better than the commonly recommended Aveeno for sensitive skin shaving gel.) I linked to a different scent than the one I’m currently using because I’ll be switching to that one once this tube is over.


Feather Razor Blades

I find a really sharp shave with proper technique actually prevents me from getting razor bumps. If you use these guys be careful because it is incredibly easy to nick yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Gillette 7 O’clock razors are a bit more affordable and less sharp but still work really well.


Ketoconazole Shampoo

I use Regenepure Dr which is pretty pricey for shampoo but I use it prevent male pattern baldness. It has an ingredient in it called ketoconazole that helps with that wonderful ordeal. It also helps with dandruff (not the reason I bought it.) Unfortunately it is no longer available on Amazon.

Nizoral is another alternative for a ketoconazole shampoo I’ve heard good things about but I have no personal experience with it.


Wahl Grooming Kit

I cut my own hair so this is a must for me. If you’re not brave enough to do the same it’s not really necessary to get a full kit but even if you don’t cut your own hair clippers are fantastic for pubic grooming.


Wahl Trimmer

This, however, I would recommend to every man. Keeping your nose and ear clear of hairs makes a huge difference in your physical appearance (and amount of boogers.) You can also use this to clean up your eyebrows.


Isopropyl Alcohol/Witch Hazel

I use these guys post shave. I only apply isopropyl alcohol on the nicks and I use witch hazel instead of traditional aftershave. I also use the witch hazel as a facial toner occasionally (which is why I use Thayers instead of generic though going generic on the isopropyl alcohol is fine.) I use the following to apply these to my skin:


Organic Cotton Rounds

These are incredibly gentle on the skin. They’re also great for applying a real hyaluronic acid toner as part of a skincare routine. I will NEVER go back to cotton balls.


Clothes Steamer

Will change your life. Setting up an iron board and using an iron is such a pain in the ass but with this guy all you have to do is fill it with water and plug it in. Most effective when used from inside of a garment. Another cool thing is you can use this on delicates and suiting (just be careful because you can still melt the canvas and cause bubbling.)

The one linked is not the one I use but should work about as well.


Nail Clippers

Super important. Disgusting nails are not only gross and unhygienic, they’re also extremely unattractive. I get my toes too because gross ass toe nails are probably even WORSE than gross ass fingernails. Don’t go all the way to the nail bed, instead, when you do clip your nails (I usually do it once a week), get rid of the excess white/transcluent area that dirt accumulates under. Brand doesn’t really matter but I find using anything but a full size is a pain in the ass.

Unfortunately I am probably forgetting a few nonessential items but these are all of the hygiene + grooming products that I use that actually make a notable difference.

Thank you for reading!