This isn’t going to be one of those “dress like this to get girls” articles. This is my personal insight, through experience, of the role of style in sexually attracting women with some practical advice sprinkled in.

Does Your Style Matter In Sexually Attracting Women

Yes your style does matter, but your hygiene and grooming matter more than your clothes (hygiene and grooming IS a part of your style.) If you care about sexually attracting women your hygiene and grooming should be as close to perfect as possible.

You can check out my list of The 17 Essential Items if your hygiene and grooming aren’t already maximized.

Also, style and physical appearance is not the end all be all for being to sexually attractive to women. It just helps. Things like outcome independence and confidence (as often as it’s said, it’s true) affect how sexually attractive you are. Hell, even things like logistics can affect your sex life more than how attractive you are.

That being said, if you care about your sex life at all you should care about your style.

The goal isn’t to dress so well that women become sexually attracted to you.

The goal is to dress well enough that women aren’t turned off by you.

That being said certain colognes and styles can be a turn-on to women.

One night while partying in Louisiana I had on Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler. A girl hugged me and loved the scent so much she started kissing my neck all over (funny enough, exactly where I sprayed it even though obviously you can’t taste cologne.)

How Should You Dress To Sexually Attract Women

In my personal experience the only things that actually make a difference are:

  • Having nice leather shoes that aren’t sneakers
  • Having a nice watch
  • Having unique but stylish outerwear
  • Wearing other accessories than a watch (rings, necklaces, etc.)
  • Having an amazing fragrance

When I say nice I mean high quality and non-cheap looking, not luxury. So for example that would mean brands like Meermin, Beckett Simonon, Allen Edmond (if you don’t mind the absolutely terrible quality control) for shoes and brands like Seiko, Movado, Orient, Tissot, and Nomos for watches. Don’t waste your money on luxury crap if you think it’ll help you “get girls.” You’ll just look like you’re overcompensating and/or a meal ticket.

That being said don’t be afraid to buy luxury items if you actually like them, just don’t buy them expecting a one way ticket to “poon-paradise.”

Instead, that money is better spent on a sports car!

..That’s a joke by the way. During the most sexually active period of my life I actually had no car.

Jokes aside you, at minimum, want to look like a man who has his shit together. Having high-quality shoes and a high-quality watch is extremely effective at accomplishing this (even if you don’t actually have your shit together.)

That being said I mentioned outerwear earlier, and I have no idea why it makes such a difference compared to other garments. My experience is that, except for shoes and accessories, it is more way important than any other garment by at least an entire magnitude.

Good options:

  • A nice leather jacket (real lambskin leather not genuine “leather”) from somewhere like Schotts (or Allsaints if you’re on a budget)
  • A well-fitting casual blazer (not a suit jacket, an actual sports jacket/blazer)
  • Nicer puffers/parkas

On Other Accessories

The main point of wearing other accessories isn’t so much that they make you more sexually attractive. It is because they invite conversation and physical touch.

The One Thing Style Influencers Will Never Tell You

If you’re to a bar or club tees from certain brands perform outrageously well. It has nothing to do with price. Some of the brands that perform extremely well include:

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Calvin Klein
  • Guess

I don’t know exactly why these brands outperform other brands in the same type of market segment like Armani and even most luxury brands but I have a theory.

My theory is as follows: Women really like these brands (especially Calvin Klein. It seems like every girl I know has or wants that grey Calvin Klein sports bra and underwear set.) The reason luxury brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton don’t perform as well as the ladder brands, even though women love them as well, is because wearing them makes it look like you’re overcompensating.

I’m not saying you should go out and buy a t-shirt from one of those brands if you’re trying to improve your sex life. I’m saying that if you like any of those brands, instead of following the dogmatic belief that branding is the devil itself and that you should NEVER wear branded clothing, you should maybe consider a tastefully branded t-shirt from one of these brands into your wardrobe.

What is tasteful branding you may ask? It’s hard to exactly quantify “tasteful branding” but if I had it it would be:

When the garment would be the exact same as an unbranded garment except for ONE small visual asset.

I’m also not saying that you should NEVER wear obnoxiously branded clothing. It’s just A LOT harder to style clothing like that unless you know what you’re doing.

Some Strange Oddities I Can’t Explain

These are some weird things I notice that I can’t really explain:

When alone in private I’ve found some women are super into actual pajamas and robes.

I’ve also found that even though smarter outfits work best on one-on-one dates, super casual (t-shirts, etc.) work best when clubbing or going to the bar.

This is beyond the scope of this article but:

A lot of guys think how fit you are is extremely important to how attractive you are.

It does matter, but all things being equal, unless you are EXTREMELY overweight, the out of shape version of you with better style is going to beat the fit version of you with worst style EVERY TIME.

I’ve been literally shredded. I’ve been fit. I’ve been fat. I’ve been VERY fat. I’m speaking on this from experience.

That being said, the fit version of you, given equal style, WILL beat out the out of shape version of you.

The difference is negligible however.

The biggest thing losing weight does for your appearance (beyond making your body less androgynous) is make your face look better and even that’s only to a certain point.

You should still try and stay in shape though, if not your physical appearance then for your health.

Thank you for reading.