“Juan and damn. fire epitomize customer service. As an incoming graduate student who recently lost over 100 pounds, I was desperate to build a decent, yet affordable wardrobe. No one I reached out to for advice or tips provided anywhere near the help that damn. fire provided. They worked with me every step of the way and made sure to help me find clothes that were high quality, my style, and in my budget. I was panicking about my wardrobe before the virtual makeover, but now that damn. fire helped me find everything I needed, I’m worry free! Looking forward to trying on all my new clothes.”

-Joshua Dumas-Owens


“Juan Sloan of damn. fire definitely helped me out with my style. He talked to me about what I needed to wear and what approach I should take with my wardrobe and my day to day lifestyle. He covered everything from my hairstyle, my shirts, my pants, to even my underwear. It turned out to be for the best and I appreciate him for that.”

-Brendan Schetter

“Juan’s program is a tremendous launchpad for those who seek guidance for a new wardrobe. As someone who wasn’t too into the fashion scene to begin with, I started out with barely any sense of direction for where to buy the best quality clothes, let alone what to buy that would fit the desired mental image I had for myself.  Juan starts you off with some basic questions about you and tries to get an idea of what makes you unique (i.e. your hobbies, inspirations, etc.). With this information, he walks you through some basic ideas for clothes, and allows you to go back and forth with him in order to reach a common understanding of what you might like. From here, he takes your budget into account and begins to formulate a simple wardrobe and some clothing combinations for which you may provide approval or disapproval through several email exchanges. In addition, he will answer any questions you might have about clothes, styles, or just general fashion.  Nothing is off the table. There were times where we’d be discussing one aspect of the wardrobe, and I would randomly ask a question like, “What’s the most stylish way to incorporate these shoes into my outfit?”, or, “What kind of bottoms would look good with this jacket I bought?” The exchanges are very informal and comfortable, and he allows you to take your time so that he can adjust to your requests in the best way possible.



Ultimately, my most pleasant surprise from Juan was how timely and patient he was throughout the whole process. Even when he told me he has been busy, he got back to me within a one-day span on almost every email. Believe me when I say that he will wait until you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the exchange before ending the service.


Following completion of the service, I’m glad to say that not only did I come out with an expanded and fresh wardrobe, but I learned a ton about general style and acquired several of my own go-to brands in the process.  There are many different places you can go to try and gain advice for what kinds of clothes would look good on you while also staying in style.  You can ask some workers at H&M, or endlessly read online articles, but it’s a completely different experience to have somebody who is like an open book for all your questions and concerns.  Workers can only address your needs for so long before attending to other customers; articles can’t cover every question you have, and some may not even exist to answer the questions you have.  This service, on the other hand, is your own personal, virtual stylist.  In my final opinion, this service is completely worth the cost and will be tremendously helpful to those in search of a new style, identity, or both.”

-Dylan Brescia