The Fake Double Standard

Women are afforded a ton of options to temporarily boost their appearance.

They have high heels. They have make up.They have things like push up bras.

Us men do have options to temporarily boost our appearance, but we’re usually shamed away from using them and ironically, usually, it’s actually other men who shame us from using them.

I call it the fake double standard, because in reality, a ton of celebrities you actually know and love and many men in the “know” actually do take advantage of these options.

The layman is the one who’s afraid to take advantage of these options, and it’s usually because of peers or because of social conditioning.

I’m not saying you have to use these options or even recommending them.

I’m saying, if I tell you these tools/options, and it’s something you’ve either thought about using before or I make you think about using, you shouldn’t be afraid to use these tools.

These tools are:

  • Shoe lifts/elevator shoes/faux elevator shoes
  • Hair fibers
  • Any sort of eyebrow grooming whatsoever
  • Cosmetics (yes, cosmetics as in makeup. It’s not what you think. Just wait until the end of this article. We’ll get to that last.)

Shoe Lift Insoles/Elevator Shoes/Faux Elevator Shoes

So let’s start with shoe lift insoles, elevator shoes, and faux elevator shoes.

So shoe lift insoles are little stackable insoles you put into shoes that you already have that increase your height.

You can get these on Amazon. They come in a pack and you adjust them by stacking them to increase the height.

Shoe lift insoles

Elevator shoes are shoes that already have insoles that increase your height. They also include things like slightly higher heels than normal shoes.

The thing with elevator shoes, though, is a lot of them they’re clunky. This is why I wouldn’t recommend actually going with elevator shoes. I would either go withthe insoles or the next option, which I mentioned earlier, which are faux elevator shoes.

These are shoes that increase your height that aren’t primarily meant to increase your height.

These would include things like Creeper Sneakers or, for example, with Chelsea boots that have a 40 millimeter heel instead of a 30 millimeter one.

Chelsea boots that have a 40mm heel

Also, speaking of faux elevator shoes, before I move on, avoid Cuban heels, which are incredibly tall heels, and literal platform shoes like disco shoes.

I’m 6’2, but if I were 5’9, or even if I was 5’10 or shorter, I would 110, 120% be using shoe lift insoles.

That’s me personally. Again, as I said earlier, I’m not saying that you have to. But me personally, I would. Even at my height, I’ve considered it before. Not even going to lie to you. I’ve thought about it. I haven’t done it yet but I may do it in the future.

And I actually do have a pair of accidental faux elevator shoes. So, for example, when I wear my Yohji sandals, people always ask me if I’ve gotten taller.

Just don’t go too crazy with it.

A height boost of two or three inches is reasonable, four is pushing it. If you go any farther than that, it’s going to be painfully obvious and incongruent when you take your shoes off.

Hair Fibers

I don’t use these often, but I do use them on occasion. If I had a very bad thinning, I would use these often however.

They come in this little black jar and you basically hold them over your head and you shake it and it fills out where your hair is thinning. It’s actually really nice.

Toppik is the most popular brand, but something like Boldify, which is Amazon’s choice, will work just as well and will cost you less.

Amazon’s Boldify

Another thing I want to bring up are hair systems and transplants. If Elon Musk, Tesla’s, Elon Musk, can get a hair transplant or a system (I’m not quite sure which it was) without anybody batting an eye, you better believe you are fine to get one if you are considering that option and you have the means for it.

And as I said before, key word, if you want one.

I’m not saying that if your hair is thinning you need to go get hair fibers or to get a procedure done but if I got you hip to the idea and you like it, I would go ahead and do it.

I would highly recommend it though. I’m not saying you have to but I would highly recommend it. Hair is massively important to your appearance.

Any Sort Of Eyebrow Grooming Whatsoever

So I don’t know what the deal is, but men are super-duper, mega, completely, afraid to groom their eyebrows. I actually think every man should do this, especially if you have a unibrow going on.

As long as you don’t go too crazy with it, you’re not going to look feminine.

In fact, with all of these tools, options, just don’t go too crazy as a rule of thumb.


So I want to preface this by saying that I personally don’t wear cosmetics.

I’ve actually never recommended to any of my clients to wear cosmetics.

But I’m not totally against it.

So my personal opinion is that: for the typical male, things like guy liner and nail polish are a hard no. That’s my opinion.

However, I’m not entirely opposed to, and I don’t even think the average man should be opposed to, things like tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or even clear mascara for special events (or even daily wear.)

Foundation and concealer is definitely pushing it though. I don’t know if I would go that far, or even give the okay to go that far.

With BB cream, tinted moisturizer, and clear mascara nobody’s going to notice, go for it.

Also, I’ve probably said this about a million and a half times already but: I’m not saying that you should do these things. I’m saying if you’ve thought about it, go ahead and pull the trigger.

In fact, I curl my eyelashes for dates. Every girl I’ve been intimate with knows I do. Which brings me to my final point:

So you’re probably asking, “What if people judge me or think I’m insecure?”

Chances are, as long as you’re transparent and confident, they won’t.

In fact, they’ll probably even start asking you questions and might even work up the courage to start doing what you’re doing as well.

When you start lying is when you appear insecure.

So let’s say you’re wearing height increasing insoles and somebody is like, “Oh, hey, dude, are you wearing height increasing insoles?” and you respond defensively “No, I’m not!”

Don’t do that.

Just be honest. Be confident, be cool.

If they judge you at that point, screw them. Who cares?

They’re probably just jelly mad. It is what it is.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot me an email at