In this article I want to talk about some fragrances that I think you should try and that I also use personally.

There’s a quite a few videos on YouTube that have titles like “Top 10 Fragrances for Compliments” and “Top 10 Fragrances to Smell Sexy.”

Videos like those are alright but I find that usually either regurgitate the same 10 designer fragrances or that the author of the video is just downright lying.

Over the past year I’ve sampled 40+ fragrances, many of those being fragrances that appear on many of these lists.

Of course many of these YouTubers have FAR larger collections than I do, but this article will go through my personal experiences of which fragrances give me the best results in terms of compliments and female attention. I think if you sampled all 10 of these fragrances you’d have trouble finding one that you don’t at least love (not like, love.)

Instead of going through the notes and all that stuff (that won’t even give you a genuine idea of how a fragrance smells) I will simply tell you in laymen’s terms what the fragrance smells like to me.

Prada L’homme Leau (Spring/Summer)

This smells like expensive soap and ginger.

That doesn’t sound that amazing but this is BY FAR my most complimented fragrance. This gets more compliments than anything I own. It’s a fresh fragrance that makes you smell very clean.

I purchased this fragrance because I wanted something for summer but I became disenfranchised with aquatics.

A lot of YouTubers suggest Millesime Imperial, it’s clone Milestone and Light Blue Intense.

I didn’t like any of these fragrances at all.

I actually didn’t run into this fragrance from a review. I sampled the original Prada L’homme (which basically just smells like expensive soap) and decided to give L’homme Leau a blind purchase with advice from a friend.

This is a really great purchase if you’re looking for something for the warmer months that’s not a typical aquatic or citrus fragrance.

Xerjoff Uden (Spring/Summer)

This smells like a lemon creampie with a bit of airy and booziness.

I love this so much. It’s pricey but it’s smell like it’s pricey. This is one of my most favorite fragrances.

I got this after sampling Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport Edition Blanche. That fragrance was great too but it lasted all of 15 minutes on me in it’s entirety. When I saw that a lot of people said that this was similar I blind bought it.

Another problem with Edition Blanche is that some people are reminded of floor cleaner because of the lemon. This is the not the case at all with Uden.

In a world of orange and bergamot top notes this is a very unique fragrance and lasts super long for being citrus based (usually citrus fragrances will not last very long at all.)

I love this fragrance.

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man (All Season)

This is a very (seasonally) versatile fragrance.

I bought this fragrance as I was first dipping my toes into fragrances again after a break up.

This fragrance is a clone of Creed by Aventus and even though it’s not quite Aventus (which depending on the batch of Aventus could be a good thing) it’s a really good fragrance. Especially for the pricepoint.

It smells like smoke and pineapple, as silly as that sounds.

A lot of people will recommend Mont Blanc Explorer¬†which is basically a Creed clone as well… except with the smokiness neuteured. To me Mont Blanc Explorer just isn’t quite as fun and sexy despite being more accessible.

I don’t really get compliments off of this fragrance but I find myself in weird (positive) situations wearing this fragrance. I’ve said before in a previous article that I’ve had a woman kissing my neck telling me how good I smelt wearing this. I’ve also had women stand uncomfortable close to me while wearing this fragrance.

I think this is a really safe cheap blind buy for something to wear to the club or a bar. It’s a really nice fragrance and quite sexy.

Rochas Moustache (Fall/Winter)

This is vanilla, amber and moss.

This fragrance is very similar to the fragrance Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent. Later in this article I’ll touch a bit more on Tuxedo by YSL.

This fragrance is sweet without being sickingly sweet and has sex appeal.

Therry Mugler Pure Havane (Fall/Winter)

I love this guy. It’s probably my favorite fragrance.

Unfortunately, L’Oreal reformulated this fragrance and butchered the opening (which used to be amazing and have a cherry note) but once it’s done opening it’s amazing.

What you get with this fragrance is sweet honey, vanilla, a little bit of chocolate, and sweet tobacco.

This is super cozy, sexy, and one of my favorite fragrances. Do note this fragrance is discontinued so it will not only be difficult to find, but you’ll also be paying more than retail for it.

The following fragrances I do not have bottles of but I think are worth your consideration. The reason I don’t have bottles of these is because I’m not THAT into fragrances and I just BARELY preferred the fragrances above that would otherwise fulfill their purpose in my wardrobe.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme (Spring/Summer)

I think EVERY MALE should try this fragrance. It smells like tonka (which is like coffee but not quite coffee), water, airiness and sweetness. It’s sexy, smooth, versatile and very easy to wear.

Versace Pour Homme (Summer)

Very inexpensive. This is a pretty much a clone of the regular Chanel Allure Homme Sport (not Eau Extreme). It smells citrusy and a bit floral. If you find Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme a little too sweet this is definitely worth a try. With this around the regular Allure Homme Sport is simply not worth the price (I’ve tried both and I actually prefer this despite it being slightly more synthetic.)

Parfums de Marly Layton (Fall/Winter)

Next to Prada L’homme Leau this is my second most complimented fragrance. I only own a decant of this and it STILL gets more compliments than everything I own (except for Prada L’homme Leau.)

It basically smells like apple pie for most of the time you’re wearing it and dries to to an ambery vanilla.

People love this fragrance.

The only reason I didn’t buy this fragrance was because it’s a bit on the pricey side and I already own two Fall/Winter fragrances.

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo (Fall/Winter)

This is right along the vein of Moustache. Amber, vanilla and moss.

There is one different though.

This has an ambroxan note which gives it a bit of an ambergris smell. This makes it kind of animalic which, to me, makes it sexier than Moustache.

It’s a slightly smoother than Moustache (Moustache doesn’t smell synthetic, Tuxedo is just really smooth.)

Truth be told, I wish I would’ve skipped my Moustache purchase and put the money towards a bottle of this. I wouldn’t call Moustache a clone of Tuxedo but they’re VERY similar. Depending on your tastes you may prefer Moustache but to me Tuxedo is 5% and 10% better.

In fact, the only reason I purchased Moustache was because at the time Tuxedo was rumored to be discontinued (and was priced $350~$400 a bottle… second hand.)

This fragrance is a little overpriced for what it is (it’s around $175 for a 75ml at MSRP) but it’s super sexy, I love it, and, truthfully I wish I had a bottle.

Valentino Uomo Intense (Fall/Winter)

This smells like iris (which makes it smell soapy), vanilla and leather.

It’s sexy.

This is probably the nicest, sexiest, fragrance I’ve ever held to my nose. The only reason I don’t own this is because it feels a bit formal to wear.

I personally don’t think I can wear this with anything but a suit but if you’re not afraid to blur the lines of formality this is DEFINITELY worth a sample.

Out of ALL the fragrances I’ve ever tried these are the ones that have stuck out to me and my VERY picky nose.

An honorable mention would be Acqua Di Gio Profumo. This is my buddies favorite aquatic and I’ll be sampling it soon. He recommended me a lot of these fragrance after trying them himself and he has a HUGE fragrance collection. The original Acqua Di Gio is pretty great in it’s own right and apparently this is that, but better.

Acqua Di Gio Profumo

 Acqua Di Gio Profumo