This will be less of an article filled with actionable advice and more of my thoughts and musings. If you have more than a passing interest in style this should still be interesting though.

I’ll be discussing quite a few things. The biggest thing being how the majority of people are pretty much dressing in just three different ways.

  1. Menswear
  2. Vintage
  3. Streetwear

What’s interesting to me is that how you can pretty much link a demographic to each style of wear.

For example, the hobbyist who’s really into fashion will typically be into dressing vintage (vintage including archival clothing as well.) Younger men, especially in their early twenties will be generally wearing streetwear.

What’s unique about menswear however is that even if your wardrobe consists primarily of vintage or streetwear pieces, generally speaking, you will still have to have menswear pieces in your wardrobe as well.

This isn’t the case in reverse. If you dress in menswear primarily, you don’t need vintage or streetwear pieces in your wardrobe.

This is because with certain occasions you have expected to have some degree of professionality or formality in dress. For example,  with most nice restaurants you’re expected to wear a buttoned shirt and shoes that aren’t sneakers. You aren’t usually limited by a menswear-centric wardrobe if you choose to dress that way but you are limited by a vintage or streetwear heavy wardrobe.

The only time this isn’t the case is if you live on the fringes of society and don’t have to deal with any sort of professionalism, whatsoever.

For example, you will need to have clothing for interviewing even if you dress in streetwear or vintage clothing primarily.

I also feel like menswear can actually directly improve your life while that isn’t so much the case for the other aforementioned types of style.

I find that the more professionally I am dressed, the better I am treated across the board. Dressing smarter opens more doors for you both literally and figuratively.

This is also the case with dating and the opposite sex. A “dope” streetwear fit just doesn’t have the same power as a smarter fit with a blazer and nice leather shoes. I know this from experience.

It appears me to that having nice menswear pieces does more for your status than even the dopest most creative type of streetwear or vintage fit. It genuinely affects your life.

This is why I moved away from doing any, and all, sort of styling for men and focused on styling men who want to look their age. My goal is genuinely to improve men’s life, it’s not to make them look cool on social media.

Another interesting thing I want to talk about is how style is headed in the direction of being much more homogenized as opposed to having defined trends. This is because of how much of a goliath social media has become in people’s lives.

You remember how in the earlier late 2000s EVERYBODY was wearing Hollister, Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch? Things like that probably have gone the wayside. The fit of clothing in the overall style zeitgeist is trending looser across the board but there aren’t any brands or types of style that are just dominating. Even the dad shoe trend existed concurrently with several other trendy types of shoes (the minimalist white sneaker being one.)

Because of social media style is becoming way more based on your own personality and preferences than anything else. A lot of old trends were a result of celebrities and marketing. Nowadays people are more influenced by their peers than influencers and celebrities.

With all of that being said. It is my opinion that you should have a menswear base in your wardrobe even if you are into streetwear or vintage clothing. It just brings so much utility unless, as I said earlier, you are indeed living on the fringes of society.

Just a few interesting thoughts that popped in my mind.

I’ll have some more information on the book I’m working on soon.

Thank you for reading.


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