On Friday, May 10th of 2019 user DuckRebellion made the following post on Reddit:

I need to somehow find a full SuperDry Outfit that looks nice due to my mistake of making a bet.

I need your help! I live in London and acknowledge that a lot of SuperDry clothes are a bit of a joke here. However, I have made a bet that I can find a full SuperDry fit that looks somewhat clean. I could do with any individual SuperDry pieces or outfits to help me with this challenge. I have no price limit and am hoping that the fashion gurus of Reddit can help me out here because I’m really struggling here. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks in advance.”

I was very interested in this challenge. For those who don’t know about Superdry they love to put their branding all over EVERYTHING. They put early 2010s Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch to shame. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all forms of overt branding. In fact, it can work extremely well if you’re into streetwear. But in general branding is pretty antithetical to a “clean” fit.

Here is the reply I sent to DuckRebellion reformatted for this website. It provides valuable unique insight into how I piece together looks:

“Hey. I saw your post on r/mfa about needing a clean full outfit from Superdry. I’m a personal stylist and it seemed like a really interesting challenge to me so I took a swing at it. Here’s what I came up with:




A & B are both very basic (uninspired) outfits that look great and try and hide the fact every piece is from Superdry. Branding was a huge problem. Initially I was only going to do one look with a brown leather base but I saw the black SD Expedition (It says navy but my monitor is completely calibrated and I see no blue in it whatsoever.) parka. The branding on the SD Expedition parka has a mountain motif which makes it not so obvious that it’s from Superdry which makes the look just a nuuuudge more refined.

I did the third look (C) just to have fun and challenge myself creatively. I decided to take inspiration from Virgil’s approach to Off-White by going balls deep with the branding. Unbeknownst to me at the time was the fact you actually crossposted your post to streetwear forums. If I had known this beforehand I probably would’ve started with a more streetwear influenced base.

Here’s how the colors work in the third look:

  • The orange and red are in the same analogous color group and look great together.
  • The black and white contrast was working great but in the end I felt like something was missing so I used a hat with orange’s complimentary color, blue, to create sort of showpiece and focal point.
  • The red, orange, blue, and lime green in the hat create a tetradic color scheme. Ideally I would’ve had a plain teal blue hat to work with but I had an vision and worked with what I had.

The blue hat in the look is EXTREMELY polarizing. If you wanted to make the look a lot more palatable to most people I would ditch it. When I saw your initial post on r/mfa/ was deleted and that you crossposted on r/streetwear I realized a look more along this style, by coincidence, might have been what you were actually looking for.

Some other ways you can tone it down depending on your preference:

  • Switching the snow pants for jeans or chinos
  • Ditching the cross shoulder messenger bag
  • Swapping the black graphic t-shirt for a heather grey t-shirt. Why heather grey and not black? Short answer: It (in my opinion) just looks better.

    PURE THEORY long answer: If you were to swap the t-shirt for another black t-shirt without graphics you lose a degree of differentialness (I don’t think that’s an actual word but that’s the best way I can describe it) which makes the black t-shirt look extremely “flat” and entirely way too matchy with the black jeans.

    The least branded heather grey t-shirt on the site is: https://www.superdry.com/mens/t-shirts/details/150819/sd-laundry-organic-cotton-t-shirt-triple-pack-grey. Unfortunately it is only available in 3-pack.

  • Wearing leather shoes instead of the obnoxiously branded sneakers

Which would bring you to something that would look like this:

Which would be an extremely safe (to anybody but a snob) look but with the jacket as inspired flair. A little bit on the boring side but not quite a snore fest.

Hopefully one of these looks is something you’re interested in or you can atleast take inspiration from and I was able to help you.

You can find more content by me at my website https://damnfire.com.

Regards, Juan Sloan”

No DuckRebellion, thank YOU for giving me the interesting challenge. If anybody reading this has any ideas for other challenges like this feel free to email me at juansloan@damnfire.com and if it’s interesting enough to me I’ll give it a shot!

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