1. Ray-Ban State Street Sunglasses
2. Bleue Burnham Silver ‘The Solid Signet’ Ring
3. Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Shawl-Collar Cardigan
4. Converse Colors Chuck Taylor All Star
5. J. Crew 484 Slim-fit Tech Pant

Truthfully the only reason I made this Free Look was to get those Ray-Ban State Street Sunglasses in front of your eyes.

It’s pretty unusual for a brand like Ray-Ban to introduce such an interesting silhouette. Wearing something like these will DEFINITELY make you (in a good way.)

I find the black/transparent color way is a lot less loud than the other color ways while still being interesting.

This is more of a look geared to the younger crowd (as in men in the early thirties or younger) but if you live in somewhere a little more metropolitan you can pull something like this off even if you’re older, EASY.

The ring by Bleue Burnham compliments the sunglasses’ proportions nicely with it’s clunky, but still rounded, silhouette.

The “Lemon Chrome” (mustard yellow) Converse Chucks brings a bit of color pop to the outfit and stops it from being too monotonous. While red is the complimentary color of blue, I felt like yellow really brought the whole look to life.

The grey cotton shawl cardigan by Ralph Lauren not only adds a bit of texture but also adds a bit of layering. It’s a really easy cardigan to wear, even for men afraid of cardigans. Men are REALLY bad about incorporating layering for aesthetics and not just pure functionality.

I went with the Bedford Coal instead of Black for the pants because… black is too easy. And boring. The Bedford Coal colorway also works with the grey cardi better than black does.

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two!