If you actually care about your style you should never ever EVER EVER use a clothing box service. If you just want to look presentable and you don’t mind getting a bunch of stuff in the mail you probably don’t even want every month then go ahead and waste your money.

Let’s look at what happened to blogger Kat Bouska. She received a pair of shorts in her Stitch Fix box that cost her $68 dollars. Only thing is the shorts had another tag attached— a Nordstrom Rack tag where it was marked at $24.95.

What a joke.

Clothing box services literally disgust me. These businesses do not care about you. I honestly believe this crap started because some very clever person figured out a way to sell back stock and hard to move garments at full retail. You can look on Indeed yourself and find all sorts of job reviews from stylists employed by these companies who actually care about helping their clients but can’t because they’re encouraged to churn through as many people as possible. Here are just two examples:

“I was really excited to get a job at Stitch Fix because I love fashion and I am really passionate about helping people find pieces they love and make them feel good. However, that’s not what this job is at all, sadly stylists don’t get adequate time or resources to style people effectively. The company makes customers believe that their stylists take the time to learn about them and what they like and dislike, however in reality stylists have about 10 to 14 minutes to style someone. That isn’t enough time to learn anything about the person, and in reality, we have a very limited selection of items to chose from.”
“I mean I don’t even recommend my friends to even use this company because their inventory is so bad/ugly/unfashionable. It’s also a total rip off for clients.”

You don’t even get to confirm what gets sent in the first place. You have to go through the effort of returning what you don’t like. But hell— let’s just say you do like what you get in your first box and you decide to get another one…

Surprise! You have no wardrobe cohesion. You have ten garments that make three (or maybe four if you’re lucky) outfits.

Let’s look at the difference having cohesive garments make. The following 10 items were a part of one of my client’s Virtual Makeover. Not including the blazer and watch these 10 garments create 9 different outfits (three shirts that match with 3 different pants.) Every shirt and trouser work with each other. One of these items isn’t even a garment either, it’s an accessory. I did that to highlight the fact that you can’t even get accessories selected for you by these box services. A pair of colored chinos instead of that watch would make it 12 different outfits.

Style is also so much more than clothing. Clothing box stylists can’t help you with things like your facial hair, skin, or haircut.

I’m not saying you have to use my services but please do absolutely ANYTHING but waste your money on a clothing box service. Can’t afford my Virtual Makeover service? Go to Nordstrom and ask a store attendant to help you pick clothes. You won’t receive the same level of expertise as somebody like me and they might try and sell you stuff you don’t need (they are salespeople after all) but at least you’ll have somebody who actually has enough time to attend to you who probably cares more about meeting your needs than churning product. You’ll also have way more clothes to choose from and can even *GASP* buy clothes on sale instead of at full MSRP!

Like I said earlier if you don’t care about wasting YOUR money and just want to look presentable then go ahead be my guest and use a clothing box service. If you actually want to look stylish and love what you wear clothing box services are NOT the answer. In that situation I’d highly recommend you click the link below for my Virtual Makeover service.

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