Casualness: Casual
Fit: Normal
Sex Appeal: 2/3
Price: $$
Focal Brand: Banana Republic

Note 1: The Timex Gents Weekender Chronograph Watch TW2P97400 is an Amazon affiliate link. Starting now I will now be including Amazon affiliate products when it is possible without compromising the integrity of my content to help with server costs. I will never suggest an Amazon product over a superior product from another website. I will only include affiliate links when I would’ve linked to an Amazon product anyway.

Note 2: The Carhartt WIP Michigan Coat is only available for purchase if you’re in Europe. This jacket is an alternative that is purchasable in the United States if you’re interested in it. The difference between them being the other jacket is missing some distressing I feel like really rounds out the look.

This look is inspired by the Timex watch pictured. I ran into it when some poor soul linked a much uglier watch he bought instead of this piece of sexiness that was on the same page. I’m not the hugest fan of Timex watches but I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. That being said I went with a brown base and green and blue accents. Blue and green are anagalous colors (this means they’re next to eachother on the color wheel) that work well together. Navy also contrasts beautifully with the khaki colors used in the look. While the look is inspired by the Timex watch the sweatshirt is really what ties it together and stops it from being a boring mess. If you don’t believe me just take your hand and cover up the sweatshirt and compare.

Thank you for reading!