1. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed – Leather Sandals
  2. ALEX MILL Camp-Collar Striped Cotton and Linen-Blend Shirt
  3. Persol 714 – Original Sunglasses
  4. Isabel Marant – Biege Seashell Moises Necklace
  5. Orient – Kanno Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch
  6. Polo Ralph Lauren – Logo-Embroidered Cotton-Blend Twill Shorts

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Free Look! For those unfamiliar these are outfits I curate for you to either use as inspiration or just straight up steal to wear. I also briefly explain the styling.

This is a super summery look that would be great for relaxing (whether it’s the beach, a boat, the backyard, etc. )

I included Birkenstocks because they’re great sandals that don’t get enough love (in fact, sandals in general don’t really get enough love.)

The watch included is a diver watch from Orient (Orient sells GREAT watches for what you pay for them.) Said watch is water resistant to 200 meters so you can even wear it in the pool (just not scuba diving.) The blue dial combined with the orange detail on the bezel pairs VERY nicely with the Persol sunglasses without looking contrived.

Speaking of the Persol sunglasses: these are a iconic silhouette famously donned by Steve McQueen (thus being nicknamed Steve McQueen sunglasses.) They’re also foldable. Persol is one among many of sunglasses manufacturers for those looking to set themselves a part from the horde of people wearing Ray-Ban wayfarers.

The shirt included is a linen shirt meant to be worn a little looser (as the product page instructs, if you buy this size up) lending to the chillaxing nature of this outfit. Linen is also one of the best fabrics for breathability, I would call it the quintessential summer fabric.

Jewelry, especially necklaces, aren’t for everybody but with how beachy this Isabel Marant necklace was I just had to include it. It’s a little pricey for what you get but any seashell or equally beachy necklace would work just as well for this look.

Navy would’ve been the most obvious choice for the shorts, but the most obvious choice isn’t always the best choice. By using a green pair of shorts we create a split complimentary color scheme that bring out the orange details on both the watch and sunglasses.

Thank you for reading!