Casualness: Casual
Fit: Normal
Sex Appeal: 2/3
Price: $$
Focal Brand: N/A

This look is inspired by, and based around, the Alpha Industries Deluge Ripstop Fishtail coat. I also included the J. Crew X Nike Killshot 2s because A) They’re new and look great. and B) The dark red details on the shoes accentuate the red “Remove Before Flight” ribbon on the jacket. You can’t really tell from the featured pictured but these shoes are NOT leather. They are nylon and suede with a rubber sole.

I, personally, am a huge fan of the texture the nylon and suede bring to the look. It also dials down the smartness of the shoe.

A lot of people (mostly snobs) will say you shouldn’t wear cargo pants but that’s nonsense. Cargo pants with a clean silhouette like the ones pictured are perfectly fine. You start to have problems when the pockets jut out.

Transparent frames on sunglasses may not be for everybody but if you’re a fan they’re trendy right now. The color of the fishtail coat actually brings out the slightly grey hue of the transparent frame on the sunglasses pictured. I felt like a ring or a watch might be a little too much for the look so I went for braided bracelets instead which are much more low-key.

Fun fact: If you have gray eyes then this jacket will bring out your eyes. Generally speaking, wearing tops similar to your eye color will bring them out but, depending on your complexion and skin undertone, you shouldn’t always do this. I have dark brown eyes but dark brown clothes look terrible on me for example.

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